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Retrofit is pluggable allowing different serialization formats and their libraries to be used for converting Java types to their HTTP representation and parsing.

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slab pada jembatan komposit sederhana bentang banyak 4x25 meter. Kontribusi tanah Dalam studi ini Retrofitting dilakukan dengan. 2 alternatif, yaitu yang.

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NMP.2012-2 - Systemic Approach for retrofitting existing buildings, including envelope upgrading, high performance lighting systems, energy-efficient HVAC.

retrofit/retrofit-converters/jackson at master · square/retrofit · GitHub Jackson Converter. A Converter which uses Jackson for serialization to and from JSON. A default ObjectMapper instance will be created or one.

retrofit/retrofit-adapters/rxjava at master · square/retrofit · GitHub RxJava Adapter. An Adapter for adapting RxJava 1.x types. Available types: Observable<T> , Observable<Response<T>> , and.